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uncut music videos - Hip hop videos are an important source of art and entertainment. It marked its beginning as a promotional tool to support the artists in hip hop industry. The videos tell different kinds of stories to entertain the viewers. Some stories are fun. Some other stories are serious. There are even violent and sexy stories in the videos.

Hip hop videos typically show women characters in bikinis and these women characters come licking ice cream cones or lollipops. The music is based on certain standards without including any musicians in the videos.

Hip hop videos are necessary for those women who want to start their career in the hip hop modeling industry. These hip hop models first enter the video through small scenes and later major roles and then big roles in popular rapper's videos. By doing so, these models gain more publicity and this publicity is important for their profession. The models who become popular enter movies and television screens.

Hip hop videos available in modern days give less importance to expressive movements available in hip hop dancing. Dancing accompanies a single beat without many lyrics. In hip hop videos, women are mostly objectified. They act according to the wish of the other people who are involved in taking videos. Videos are becoming more and more vulgar in recent days. There is no control on the scenes in the videos. This situation with videos may be because of the dominance of macho rappers who are in competition for making more number of videos.

uncut music videos
Hip hop videos create problems for black Americans at all times, especially black women and girls. It strengthens the stereotypes about black women that have existed over years. The idea in videos that the black women are promiscuous, irresponsible, and emasculate reversely affects the policies the black Americans have.

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